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Individual Sessions​


Personally tailored individual sessions are offered in Clinical Hynotherapy, Intuitive Counseling, Regression Therapy and Reiki classes and training.


A safe, natural short-cut therapy in which the subconscious mind is dominant. Implanted therapeutic suggestions can be lasting and behavioral changes may appear effortless. Visualizations create this ideal state of relaxation.

Regression Therapy

A fascinating exploration of your present life or a past life. This experience can help release blocks, change patterns, even enhance your relationships. 

Intuitive Counseling

A reading of your future and what you can do to improve it. A personal object or your voice enables Barbara to peer into your probable future, and assist you with life-enhancing choices.​

Reiki Sessions

A hands-on healing treatment that can help alleviate fatigue, pain and restore well being.  Reiki, an ancient healing art, means “Universal Life Force.” 


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