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A 12 Part Series of CDs and Workbooks # 1-4


Although the CDs can be purchased separately from the workbooks, clients have found that using the two media together produce the most effective and long-lasting results.  We encourage you to buy a CD and a Workbook of the same title at the same time.

You Deserve to be Happy

This compelling audio hypnosis program facilitates releasing blocks to happiness.  It gives you tools to move more easily

through emotional baggage and begin to release subconscious blockages and negative programming that impact self-worth.

Absorb and reprogram new positive messages, behaviors and patterns  in a safe, peaceful, non-judgmental environment.

You can embrace your inherent worth, become more confident and start to live each moment utilizing your potential!  This 

can result in more joyful living.

Maximize Your Career and Effectiveness

This thorough audio program can facilitate maximizing your career effectiveness. Powerful hypnosis therapies are utilized to help reframe blocks that interfere with your limitless potential. Whether you plan to stay in the same job, change career paths, are unemployed or are just entering the job market, consistent listening can improve your career confidence.  It can motivate you to utilize your career potential and strengthen your value in the marketplace.


Be Fit and Trim for Life

This audio program can motivate you to begin creating a new, more fit and healthy you. This focused hypnosis program addresses emotional and self-esteem issues and assists you in releasing these blocks to looking and feeling your best. With effortless participation, you can be more receptive to recognizing and embracing your inherent worth. This can facilitate your active involvement in creating a healthy lifestyle. Daily listening can strengthen your will power to establish healthy thinking, eating and exercise habits for life.    


Enhance Test taking and Study Habits

Are you anxious before or during a test? Do you doubt your answers? Do you find your focus drifting while studying? Do you procrastinate with your assignments? Are you afraid to participate in class or give a presentation?  Learn to study smart, not hard. Using your subconscious mind, you can release stumbling blocks to managing your time and setting your priorities in order. You can quickly change your study habits to be effective and efficient. You can remember and recall information easily and effortlessly. You can feel calm, relaxed and confident while taking tests. You can feel more confident participating in class and giving presentations. Give yourself an edge and put that other 90% of your brain to work for you! 


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