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From a long history of well-researched activity, Barbara offers a new book for your enlightenment!

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Celebrity Past-Life Clues


Imagine the possible past lives of the most famous celebrities today....

Who were they in their past lives?


It may fascinate you to discover that many of the stars who grace our TVs and the silver screen were opera singers, cabaret dancers, and Shakespearean actors before.   But, even more amazing is the possibility that in past lives they were:


Auto mechanics and cobblers

Military generals and spies

Pirates and plantation owners

War correspondents and veterans

Argentine gauchos and Southern belles

Nurses and Buddhist monks

Ruthless politicians and preachers


After reading this book, you may look at celebrities, their careers, relationships and humanitarian work from a new perspective!

This book also may help you realize that we all carry within us innate talents and interests from our past lives.  The successes of celebrities are surely linked to what they carry within their souls.  If you explore what's in yours, you may unlock your potential and add your star to life's walk of fame!   



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