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Motivational Speaking 

Tailored for Group Needs



You Deserve to Be Happy Clear the Pathway to Happiness and Esteem. Reframing counterproductive feelings through the perspective of growth opportunities, you can begin to change behaviors and make new life-enhancing choices.  Release subconscious blocks, thought patterns and negative programming that impact self-worth.  Live to your potential!


The MindBody Makeover:  Look and Feel Younger and More Radiant.  Learn to adjust your attitudes and body to accept more youthful energies.  Since it has been proven that thought can change body chemistry, releasing old stereotypes and emotional baggage can create a feeling of youthfulness and rejuvenation. 


Enhance Test-Taking and Study Habits Easily:  Study Smart not Hard.  Using your subconscious mind, release blocks to managing your time and create effective study habits.  Remember and recall information easily and effortlessly. Feel calm and relaxed while test-taking.  Give yourself an  edge.  


Your Soul's Passage Through Time:  Experience how your soul’s history has imprinted on your present personality.  Revisit the source of your current motivations and emotional blocks through a safe, guided journey to your unique past life.  Heal old “soul bruises.” 


Revolutionary Thinking:  Rewrite Your Life Script.  Learn how to access your subconscious and reframe current life issues to create positive outcomes and behaviors.  Rewrite a new life script and discover the power of your own voice's vibrations.


Combine Your Hands and Voice to Heal.  Learn how to access the power of your voice and the healing power of your hands.  Practice activating the power and combining these modalities for the good of others. 


Your Cosmic Jigsaw Puzzle:  Unearth present-day clues, hidden in your closets, bookshelves and travel plans, that reflect your past lives.  Piece them together for a greater understanding of your current issues, your relationships, yourself.     


Discover Your Soul’s Destiny:  Focus on aspects of your unique life’s purpose.  Learn new ways of finding hidden talents and abilities, as well as pursuits that give you joy. 


Travel to the Interlife:  Find deceased loved ones and communicate with them.  Speak to your guides and soul group.  Search out your spiritual goals for this lifetime.  Explore a spiritual experience.  


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