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Choose from one of three enlightening books!


From a long history of well-researched activity, Barbara offers these books for your enlightenment and entertainment.  Discover the possibilities in your own life!

16 Clues To Your Past Lives


Who were you? Who were your friends, family, co-workers, lover? 
You are a walking billboard about your past lives—and so are those around you. We all literally wear clues to our past lives on our sleeves. We also find them in our closets and on our bookshelves, watch them at movies, and reveal them in our careers.  
After discovering your own 16 past-life clues, you will begin piecing together your personal past-life puzzle, including the roles of those around you—both past and present. You will find that you are indeed a multi-dimensional being and that death is just a chance to refill your spiritual gas tank for the next trip!  
Discover how to find past-life clues in your present life and piece them together: Recognize the clues to your past lives in this life... Explore ways to interlace these clues together... Learn to interpret what those clues may say about past lives... 
View your relationships in a fresh way based on your discoveries... 
CAUTION: After reading this, you may never look at yourself, your life, or your relationships in the same way again! 

Echoes from the Battlefield


Peer into the minds of eleven men and one woman, all Civil War reenactors, who were hypnotically regressed to the time of that war.  
From their lips, piece after piece of astonishing information unfolds: details about the historic period and vivid descriptions of battles, camp life, prisons, even their own deaths. The experiences bring to life the most dramatic period in American history. 

The author’s quest to connect these memories to actual nineteenth-century people led her to cemeteries, battlefields, and historians such as Brian Pohanka, who also participated in the adventure. The book provides an overview of reincarnation research, a reader’s orientation of Civil War terminology and eight pages of photographs. 

Echoes from Medieval Halls


The author, a clinical hypnotherapist, regressed thirteen participants in medieval and Renaissance festivals who recalled lifetimes they had lived during the Middle Ages.  
Their obsession with the medieval past began when they were children: 
Eric cried while leaving a museum because he wanted a suit of armor...  
Ann was fixated with the six wives of Henry VIII... 
Felicia taught herself to play the recorder effortlessly... 
Helen cut off her doll?s hair and named her Joan of Arc... 
As adults, they reenact as troubadours, Vikings, belly dancers, knights, nuns, jesters, and blacksmiths. 
Feel history come alive in these fascinating narratives from their past-life regressions, and see what historical experts had to say about them. This contains a Middle Ages glossary and eight pages of photographs

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