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A 12 Part Series of CDs and Workbooks # 5-8


Although the CDs can be purchased separately from the workbooks, clients have found that using the two media together produce the most effective and long-lasting results.  We encourage you to buy a CD and a Workbook of the same title at the same time.

Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover

While listening to this cutting-edge audio program, you can begin to experience the Ultimate MindBody makeover.  

This innovative hypnosis program takes you through the Ultimate MindBody spa experience to allow you to adjust your mind, attitudes and body to accept more youthful energies and radiance. This is designed to correct stereotypical thinking about aging and reorient your body's intelligence which may assist in cellular and emotional regeneration.  


Research has indicated that thought can change body chemistry. Creating healthy ideals in the subconscious may assist in restoring, restructuring and renewing your body, mind and spirit. Repeated listening may create a feeling of youthfulness, rejuvenation and ownership of your personal beauty without and within.  


Most effective when used with the companion "The Ultimate MindBody Makeover Workbook" which helps to release emotional baggage, which is aging, and "The MindBody Makeover" for daily touch-ups. 


Past Life Regression Journey through Time into Healing

Experience your own past lives. Time Travel in a safe setting. Help to uncover, even heal, root causes of issues and patterns. Reframe relationships and challenges, find more meaning, explain a compelling interest, tap into your multidimensional self.  

Magnetize a Lifetime Mate

This audio program may help facilitate the harmonizing of your conscious and subconscious goals to draw in your life partner. Deep-seated fears such as loss of freedom or control may override your conscious desires to share your life with a partner. This powerful hypnosis program can align your goals while reinforcing your worthiness to be loved. Your commitment to the audio program can lead to new actions which demonstrate a more confident, loving attitude and a readiness and openness for meeting, developing and sustaining a long-lasting relationship

Want to have a baby-Hers

This audio program can help facilitate giving yourself a psychological and organic edge in having a baby. This insightful hypnosis process may assist in releasing psychological issues such as fear, guilt, grief or relationship issues that could be blocking your ability to have a baby.  Listening to your audio program can also assist you in releasing stress-another potential block. Research has indicated that hypnosis can help to increase the possibility of having a baby. Research has also indicated that thought can change body chemistry. This combination may give you the edge you need to have a baby. 
Most effective when used with the companion workbook. 


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