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A 12 Part Series of CDs and Workbooks # 9-12


Although the CDs can be purchased separately from the workbooks, clients have found that using the two media together produce the most effective and long-lasting results.  We encourage you to buy a CD and a Workbook of the same title at the same time.

Maintain Inner Peace and Health in these Turbulent Political Times


This meditation is created to help you release negativity, restore and regenerate your health, and help you navigate the rocky political and emotional landscape that permeates our country and the world.

No workbook.

Want to have a baby: His


This sensitive audio program is designed to facilitate assisting you in gaining a psychological and organic edge in having a baby.  This insightful hypnosis process can aid in releasing psychological issues such as fear, guilt, grief or relationship issues that could block your ability to have a baby. Additionally, listening to this audio program can help to relieve stress.  
Research has indicated that hypnosis may release stress and improve the chance of fertility.Research has also indicated that thought can change body chemistry. This combination may give you the edge you need to have a baby. 

Create Your Life-Use Hypnosis to Make Positive Changes


This insightful audio program can help generate and reinforce your own empowerment in making changes in your life. 
These powerful hypnosis techniques guide you to use your intention, imagination and your own inner resources to create and manifest your goals.  Listen daily and absorb this highly-charged, energized session. If you are serious about making changes in your life and making the best life-enhancing choices, this is for you! Take the challenge to move into mastery! 

Health Well-Being; Use Hypnosis to re-Balance Mind, Body and Spirit


This powerful audio program can assist in enhancing your own health and well-being. This therapeutic hypnosis program n help to restore, rebalance and rejuvenate your system right to your cellular structure. Receive and absorb spiritual healing energy transference.  Listen daily and begin to claim more vim, vigor and vitality.Empower yourself with health and well-being! 

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