Regression Therapy

Once a client is in a relaxed hypnotic state, I guide them to recall a past life that may have impact upon their current life.  I then ask general questions such as what they are wearing or doing.  The client may see, hear, feel or just know the answers.  Based upon each response, the questions become more specific. Pertinent events in that life are revisited. After death, that life’s lessons are reviewed and resolved, usually through forgiveness.

Past-life regression sessions can identify and remove the root causes of obstacles to happiness and success, and physical and emotional wellness.  Exploring past lives can lead to the release phobias and emotions of guilt, bitterness, and self-pity.  Regression experiences can demonstrate that each life has meaning and purpose.  They may explain an all-consuming interest in a certain era in history, geographical area or love at first sight.   


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